B&S FEEL Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Round Baking also …

Exceptional top quality:
— Made from spectacular phenomenal premium quality 304 immune stainless-steel
— Diameter: aprox 21cm; Net Weight:140 g.
— Stainless steel multi-purpose food preparation, cooking along with cooling down shelf.
— Works in slow-moving stoves, cast iron Dutch together with french options together with in addition stress and anxiety as well as additionally tension and also anxiousness cooktops.
When food preparation,– Rack improves as a trivet to maintain meats along with furthermore food out of their fluid.
— Great for obstructing or as a steaming shelf for veggies; use as a trivet with comfortable meals.

Our B&S FEEL multi-purpose round food preparation, cooling down along with food preparation shelf tasks 21cm in dimension. Perfect for use as a toasting shelf in slow-moving cooktops, cast iron stoves or anxiousness in addition to anxiety and also stress and anxiety varies to maintain food out of their fluids throughout food preparation. The chrome split steel shelf demand to be hand cleaned with a non-abrasive cleanser.